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For Vendors:

Your services are essential to our continued operations. Establishing and maintaining accounts in good standing is a priority for CDI HS.

We have answers.

Will CDI HS pay all the debt owed to me by the prior grantee?

No. CDI HS is not liable for, nor is it permitted to issue payments for expenses incurred by the prior grantee. CDI HS has no legal or historic relationship to the prior grantee.  Any matters related to outstanding bills/debt need to be addressed with the entity sponsoring the program at the time those expenses were incurred. CDI HS will pay vendors with which we have established accounts for services provided after our official start date for operations.

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If I'm a vendor for CDI HS, how do I know I'll get paid?

One of CDI HS’s goals as an interim manager is to offer quality services – this includes financial stability. Our financial ratings will speak for themselves. CDI HS has received the highest Dun & Bradstreet rating for prompt bill payment. We have a PAYDEX score of 80 (out of 80); Credit Score Class of 1 (1 = highest; 4 = lowest); and Financial Stress Class of 1 (1 = highest; 5 = lowest).

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How do I become a vendor for CDI HS?

Photo: HammerA representative from CDI HS, either a staff person or consultant, will contact all vendors we are interested in establishing an account/contract with. Accounts/contracts from the prior grantee do not “roll over” to CDI HS as the interim  Head Start contractor. To become a vendor for CDI HS, a new account/contract must be established.

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Will Head Start/ Early Head Start still have the same account/contract?

No. As a new entity we need to have a new account number and a new contract developed in our name. CDI HS will contact all vendors we are interested in contracting for services with via phone and letter of interest. Establishment of these accounts and contracts will be initiated by CDI HS upon commencement of operations.

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