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For Staff:

You, and your relationships with children/families, are critical for stable program operations and continuity. We understand qualified staff are critical to provision of quality services.

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Will I still have a job?

Photo: School HouseAs parts of quality program operations and services, CDI HS recognizes that consistency in staff is advantageous for children. CDI HS will receive applications from individuals for positions with the new grant that directly support Head Start/Early Head Start services.

In the majority of our programs a CDI HS representative comes onsite to speak directly with staff about opportunities for employment. Typically an orientation and job fair is held where potential applicants can learn about CDI HS’ terms and conditions of employment and decide whether they want to apply for a position or not.

An offer of employment is not promised nor is it guaranteed. If offered employment, it is your choice whether or not to accept the offer; this is not automatic.

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Will I receive the same pay and benefits?

Some immediate changes may be made for staff receiving a rate of pay noticeably different than what our Head Start experience tells us is acceptable for someone performing certain responsibilities. Early in CDI HS’s administration of a program the salary scale is reviewed for equity and comparability in the local community; changes in wages may be made at this time for the reasons stated above.

Since CDI HS has no legal or historic relationship with the prior grantee, CDI HS will offer a group medical insurance plan that is very likely to be different than what was offered by the prior grantee.

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Who will be my supervisor? Will the organizational structure stay the same?

Upon offer of employment each CDI HS employee will receive a temporary organizational chart showing Head Start positions and supervisors for each position. Early in our administration of the program this structure is evaluated to ensure design is sufficient for optimal program operations. Sometimes the organizational chart is amended to meet the needs of the program based on the size and scope of program and to meet the budget.

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