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Job Postings for Outer Wayne County, MI



    Mentor Teacher

    Location: Wayne County, MI               Apply For this Job

    JOB TITLE: Mentor Teacher

    IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Education Dis/MH Services Manager


    This position is responsible to mentor a group of teachers providing guidance, training and technical assistance, oversee and monitor child development activities and planning.  Receives content area supervision, training and technical assistance from content area managers/specialist/coordinators.


    1. Participates in the development and implementation of an agency-wide T/TA Plan.
    2. Develops and facilitates a positive community presence in the community, focusing on networking opportunities, enhancement of volunteer participation and educational awareness efforts in regard to program needs.
    3. Sets up system to assure program's needs for parent involvement in each classroom are met.
    4. Establishes positive and productive relationships with families focusing on a relationship of trust and rapport with the parents of the children. 
    5. With the manager/specialist/coordinator in charge of early childhood education, plans and implements pre-service and on-going in-service for classroom staff.


    $18.00 Hour - BA

    Minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, Child Development or other related degree with at least two years of experience working with young children and families. One year supervisory experience preferred. Previous Head Start/Early Head Start experience preferred.

    Great benefits packet, Health insurance, paid leaves and holidays, available at first day of work. Community Development Institute Head Start is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Position Open until filled.


    Teacher Infant Toddler

    Location: Wayne County, MI              Apply For this Job

    JOB TITLE: Teacher Infant Toddler

    IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Center Supervisor


    This position serves as a teacher (aka caregiver) in a classroom of Early Head Start infants and toddlers by planning, implementing, and supervising all center-based activities. This position may work with infants and toddlers with developmental delays.  Because this position is one part of a large system of services provided to infants/toddlers and families, this position also serves as a social service referral person and shares responsibility for parent involvement in the program. The position of Teacher works in tandem with the rest of the parts of the system as an integrated team to support the goals of the program. The position may be reassigned to various classrooms/centers as deemed necessary for program operations.  The position may serve as “site director” for child care licensing purposes.


    The minimum educational requirement is:

    1. A current Child Development Associate (CDA) credential or comparable credential*; and
    2. Have been trained or have equivalent coursework in early childhood development with a focus on infant and toddler development.


    Minimum requirement is a current Child Development Associate (CDA) with infant/toddler endorsement and have been trained or have equivalent coursework* in age appropriate early childhood and child development with a focus on infant/toddler development.  An Associates’ or Bachelors’ degree in early childhood education, child development, family studies, home economics or child care that focuses on infant and toddler development and care or degree in any field with coursework** equivalent to   CDA credential subject areas and training specific to infant and toddler development is also acceptable.

    $1,280.00 Bi-weekly CDA

    $1,360.00 bi-weekly AA  

     $1,440.00 Bi-weekly BA

    Great benefits packet, Health insurance, paid leaves and holidays, available at first day of work. Community Development Institute Head Start is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Position Open Until Filled. 


    Program Aide

    Location: Wayne County, MI               Apply For this Job

    JOB TITLE: Program Aide

    IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Assistant Teacher


    This position works as a part of a team to assist in activities in the areas of the classroom, kitchen and bus and/or to serve as a disabilities aide as needed. The position contains elements of job descriptions of positions with titles similar classroom aide, janitor, and kitchen aide and as a disabilities aide providing support for children with disabilities.  Works with typically developing children and/or children with special needs/disabilities.   The position may be reassigned to various classrooms/centers/bus routes as deemed necessary for program operations.  This

    position may receive content area technical support and training from the staff person responsible for center supervision, teacher, kitchen staff and/or program managers/specialist/coordinators.


    1. Assists classroom staff in all classroom activities, field trips and outdoor activities included in lesson plans.

    2. Serves as janitor in the absence of the regular custodian or janitor on a periodic basis.

    3. Completes routine kitchen/dining room/food chores as assigned (e.g., dishwashing, portioning foods, taking and logging temperature of foods received from vendors, etc.).

    4. Prepares necessary food and serving items for service prior to or after use.These duties may include the preparation of food to meet the needs of children with special needs or disabilities.


    The minimum requirement is a HS Diploma or GED. Some states may require additional requirements for kitchen aide duties (i.e., kitchen permit). Bilingual preferred. CDI Head Start is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Positions open until filled. 


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