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For Parents:

CDI HS is committed to providing quality Head Start/ Early Head Start services for you and your child.


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We have answers.


Will my child have to change centers?

Photo: Girl A goal of CDI HS is to operate a Head Start program in the same communities in which the previous Head Start grantee operated when possible. CDI HS strives to maintain stability for children and families in the program during the transition through continuity of Head Start and Early Head Start services. CDI HS team members will be visiting each center to evaluate whether or not it meets health and safety standards. The health and safety of children, families and staff come first and only facilities that ensure this will be opened by CDI HS. In some cases a center will be relocated due to challenges with negotiating a lease or because a location does not meet CDI HS standards for health and safety. CDI HS also has to obtain legal permission from state child care licensing to be considered a center owner/operator in order to open a center on our first day; on occasion, there are circumstances that prohibit this from happening.

If a change in center location does occur, families will be notified with as much advance notice as possible.

We recognize that a child’s learning environment is just as important as the quality of staff leading those experiences.

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Will I loose my slot in the program or have to reenroll?

No. CDI HS maintains services for the same children/families currently enrolled in the Head Start/Early Head Start program. We do not require reenrollment under CDI HS because the children and families are already enrolled in a Head Start program.

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Will transportation be the same?

Photo: School BusOur goal is to provide transportation services in communities where it is neededthrough operating bus routes. If transportation for children is provided in the program, CDI HS immediately begins working on gaining authorization to legally operatebuses in the state. In some cases we find that the buses are not safe to transport children, do not meet CDI HS standards, or we cannot get access to them; this may cause us to temporarily stop one or more bus routes. If the safety of a bus is in question, CDI HS will not use this bus until all inspections/repairs can be completed. In these circumstances families, with the assistance from family services staff, will be asked to find their own way of bringing their children to the centers affected (e.g., carpooling).

If a change in transportation services does occur, families will be notified with as much advance notice as possible.

CDI HS recognizes that a child’s regular attendance greatly influences his/her success in Head Start/Early Head Start. We are committed to fostering these quality experiences through supporting parents in transportation as cost and program design permit.

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Will our teacher/ home visitor/ family service worker change?

CDI HS will be hiring staff for all Head Start and/or Early Head Start positions. An orientation and job fair will be held for individuals to apply for vacant positions. We understand that employees of the prior Head Start and/or Early Head Start grantee will likely apply for positions since they have expertise in the community. CDI HS agrees that quality services are a direct result of the relationships developed between staff, children and families.

An offer of employment is not promised nor is it guaranteed to employees of the prior grantee. If offered employment, it is their choice whether or not to accept the offer; this is not automatic. There are some circumstances under which CDI HS needs to advertise and/or post a position vacancy.

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Will the program approach (i.e., curriculum) change?

Sometimes changing the program option is required due to challenges related to facility restrictions, budget limitations or changing community needs.

If the program has selected/developed a curriculum that meets the Head Start Program Performance Standards then no changes will be made. However, if the program does not have a curriculum, or the curriculum does not meet Head Start standards, CDI HS will support staff in selecting a quality one that is appropriate for the community served, is aligned with early childhood education best practices, and meets the Head Start Program Performance Standards.

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What happens to our Policy Council?

CDI HS is a new grantee and as such will have a new Policy Council elected soon after our administration begins. The Policy Council elected under the prior grantee is associated with their board of directors and their responsibilities end with their administration (since CDI HS is an interim contractor and not a successor). Under CDI HS’s governing board a completely separate and new Policy Council will be elected using CDI HS By-Laws. Elections will be held through the Parent Committees and in accordance with the Head Start Program Performance Standards.. However, any Policy Council Members who served on the previous board of directors are not eligible to serve on the CDI HS Policy Council.

CDI HS values the contribution of parents and communities members; a quality program needs their input and support. Head Start/Early Head Start is designed to empower parents and community as contributors and CDI HS intendeds to uphold this commitment.

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