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For Community Partners:

Without you, Head Start/Early Head Start wouldn’t be the same — quality partnerships are a cornerstone of our operations.

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We have answers.

How can we continue to work with Head Start/ Early Head Start?

The most important message is that CDI HS wants to ensure that services to children and family do not cease during the transition to the interim contractor. If you are currently providing services to the program, please call you are a local contact person at the program to inquire about working with CDI HS.

CDI HS values the contribution community partners bring to the Head Start/Early Head Start program. We want to establish partnerships with entities and individuals who can support Head Start/Early Head Start. New contracts/agreements with CDI HS will need to be developed. A CDI HS representative will contact you close to the beginning of our administration to discuss the establishment of service with CDI HS.

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When will you pay me the money Head Start/ Early Head Start owes me?

Although Head Start/Early Head Start services in a community continue, an interim  contractor does not assume liabilities from a prior agency. When CDI HS begins administration for a program, we can only pay for services rendered during our period of administrative responsibility and under a contract established in CDI HS’s name. Any contracts, bills, debt, etc. entered in to by the prior grantee remains its responsibility to reconcile/fulfill.

CDI HS has no legal or historic relationship with the prior grantee and as an interim contractor is not a successor.

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